Florida CirTech Announces Partnership with ITEQ Corp

Florida CirTech is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with ITEQ Corporation. Florida CirTech will be handling national sales and distribution for the United States.


Founded by a group of polymer and chemical specialists, Florida CirTech has formulated numerous proprietary chemistries for electronic assembly, printed circuit board fabrication (PCBFAB), waste water treatment and other various industrial chemicals for manufacturing.

In addition to our own materials, Florida CirTech has the resources and chemical know-how to help you formulate, blend and package chemicals to your unique specifications. 

PCB Fabrication Chemistries

Waste Water Treatment


Trusted Copper Clad Laminates

Florida CirTech manages national sales and distribution for ITEQ in North America. Partnering with ITEQ allows FCT to offer a variety of high-performance laminate materials along with our unmatched PCB Fabrication chemistry. We are proud to provide premium grade PCB laminates with a commitment to pushing the limits of technology and staying ahead of industry trends. 

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Our PCB Etchant Goes Further

Florida CirTech sells and supplies Micronutrients cupric and ammoniacal PCB etchants. Micronutrients’ eco-friendly approach allows spent etchant to be recycled rather than wasted. Trace mineral sources of copper are essential to animal health, and Micronutrients helps animals obtain this by dissolving spent etchant into an FDA approved animal feed.

chemical drums in warehouse


Your Chemistry Partner

In today’s technology driven world, we know that you have your choice of where to purchase, so we distinguish ourselves by focusing on providing excellent service. Contact us, and we promise that one of our technical experts will get in touch and personally help you with any application, development or manufacturing questions.

We don’t just provide you with excellent service and high-quality products; we provide you with decades of experience, care, and expertise. We will make sure you have exactly what you need to optimize your production process.

chemical drums in warehouse

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