Florida CirTech’s extensive line of printed circuit board fabrication products includes numerous photoresist strippers for removal of the photoresist layer in the final stage of the manufacturing process. Florida CirTech’s catalog of Resist Stripper products offer numerous benefits, with various strip speeds and particle sizes. The resist stripping chemicals created by experts at Florida CirTech consistently provide unmatched results with the utmost purity guaranteed. 

ProductDescriptionAttributesParticle SizeDownload TDS
RS 6040RS-6040 is an aqueous solution formulated to strip aqueous dry film photo-resist and alkaline soluble screen printing inks.Fast strip time
Medium to large particle size
RS 6040 TDS
OS 987OS-987 is a highly concentrated product designed to remove aqueous dry film resists and alkaline processible screening inks.Intermediate to slow strip time
Small to medium particle size
OS 987 TDS
OS 902OS-902 is a Glycol ether based stripper for outer layers that is great for removing resist from tight spaces & over-plated areas.Very slow strip time
Completely dissolves photo resist
OS 902 TDS