Florida Cirtech has been selling Tin and Tin/lead Strippers to the PC Fabrication industry since 1992. At that time the best-selling Tin Stripper was a dipped Two-part Tin Stripper that was based on Nitric Acid for the first part and Ferric Chloride for the second part. As the industry evolved this two-part product became a one-part system that was primarily used in spray applications. Over the last 30 years we have made numerous revisions to these products to help improve the life of the bath, quality of the stripping and the finish on the copper. Today our flagship products for this One Part Tin Stripper is below. We also sell a Peroxide based Tin Stripper for Tab based applications which is also shown below:

ProductAttributesDescriptionDownload TDS
EZ5050Minimal sludge formation
One part nitric based solution
Used in dip and spray application
Clean copper appearance after stripping
Ingredients added to help stripping in holes
EZ5050 is developed to be used as a start-up for a one-part nitric based tin stripper. It offers clean copper surface with new baths although it is still recommended to load with 10% water or spent tin stripper solution.EZ-5050
OS243Formulated for high loading >20 oz/gallon
Minimal sludging and no cleaning agents
Fume suppression built in
Developed for spray application
OS243 is developed to be a replenisher for automated spray stripping of tin and tin/lead deposits. It offers higher loading that EZ5050 but can be used in conjunction, where EZ5050 is used as a startup and OS243 as a replenishment.OS-243
SS200One-part stabilized peroxide-based tin and tin/lead stripper
Short strip times with long bath life
Clean copper appearance after stripping
SS200 is used primarily when stripping fused solder and/or tips. It is a one-part system using hydrogen peroxide and ammonium bifluoride. SS-200