PCB Laminate Materials by NAN YA

PCB Laminate Materials have never been easier. Florida CirTech’s Acquisition of West Coast Enterprises, LLC, has made our distribution process easier than ever.  Now, FCT is now one of two NAN YA distributors in the United States. PCB laminate materials and prepreg from NAN YA add to an already high value proposition to FCT. Read the press release

The ability to distribute NAN YA to our customers is crucial in a dynamic market. Global supply chain issues are affecting every industry, but NAN YA’s unique, vertically-integrated supply chain is able to meet any market demands. NAN YA is not limited in their technologies either. In fact, the company manufacturers several high-grade laminates ranging from standard to extremely low loss. In addition, FCT and NAN YA are also making a strong push towards sustainability by offering a variety of halogen-free materials! Learn more at NAN YA’s website.

PCB laminate materials


Copper Foil

Glass Cloth

A Limitless Partnership

The demand for copper foil continues to see unprecedented growth and momentum. Thanks to NAN YA’s independent supply chain, you don’t have to deal with market droughts. These products have a wide application variety and offer real market value. NAN YA is one of the largest companies in the world with vast resources. Entry material and back-up materials are also available in order to reduce drill burrs, improve heat dissipation, and prevent damage to the micro drill bed. 

  • pcb laminate materials
  • pcb laminate materials
  • PCB Laminate Materials

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pcb laminate materials