Our Partners in Electronics Manufacturing

The partnerships we have developed in the electronics manufacturing industry allow us to provide comprehensive materials and services to every sector of the industry. 
spent etchant


Florida CirTech sells and supplies Micronutrients cupric and ammoniacal PCB etchants. Micronutrients is unique in their utilization of spent etchant, and we are excited to work alongside them as their process is highly innovative and ensures that nothing goes to waste. Trace mineral sources of copper are essential to animal health, and Micronutrients helps animals obtain this through an FDA approved animal feed.

laser cutting


Florida CirTech is proud to work with A-Laser, who has decades of depaneling experience and has worked with all different types of laminates. The depaneling process removes individual boards from larger panels during the production process. This non-contact process prevents harm to the PCB and its components. Technological advances and product miniaturization result in an growth of components and a higher density of connections. Depaneling helps increase the output of PCBs while keeping their size small. A-Laser’s UV technology offers limitless design and production possibilities to depaneling customers.



BlueRing Stencils

BlueRing Stencils is one of our partners in the electronics assembly industry. They specialize in Laser Cut SMT Stencils and process enhancing nano-coatings. Our design and assembly teams understand the entire surface mount assembly process which brings a comprehensive approach to board design and assembly. Not only are we experts in custom stencils, we provide root cause analysis to determine the issues hindering your yields and contribute tested solutions to improve yields. Together, we offer the most advanced SMT stencils in the industry, along with stencil coating technology.

solder paste

FCT Solder

FCT Solder produces an extensive product line of solder pastes, bar, wire, and flux technology for the electronics assembly industry. We provide the highest performing chemistries on the market today. We pride ourselves in taking a solution-driven approach to all of our products by developing applications for a wide range of markets, from automotive to LED assembly. High-quality solder means better reliability and high-speed productivity. Our pastes are designed for high-speed printing, to help you increase efficiency and throughput to save time and money.


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