Brief History

Florida CirTech was founded in 1991 in Florida, USA by Mike Scimeca. The company began as a developer and manufacturer of proprietary chemicals for the electronics assembly and printed circuit board fabrication industries. From the outset; innovation, quality and customer satisfaction were primary goals for the company.  In the years since, Florida CirTech has continued to grow by emphasizing the same goals while expanding into complementary markets. In 1996, management, R&D and manufacturing operations were consolidated to Greeley, Colorado. The combination of Colorado’s entrepreneurial spirit, boundless enthusiasm, natural resources and central location have all contributed to Florida CirTech’s steady growth.

Florida CirTech Greeley, CO Facility

Florida CirTech received ISO 9001:2015 certification in May of 2003 and has continued to strive for higher standards of quality, consistency and reliability. In our Greeley facility, we currently manufacture a wide range of products ranging from fluxes, solders, solder pastes to a wide variety of proprietary process chemistries. Our manufacturing site in Asia, has supported further expansion in North America and overseas. To facilitate growth and maintain a laser focus on solving customer problems, Florida CirTech has expanded into several subsidiary companies.


Our mission consists of three elements:

Develop, manufacture and supply proprietary chemical products to the electronics assembly and PCB Fab industries.

Provide the support structure for subsidiary companies.

Identify and target synergistic business opportunities



To achieve these goals, Florida CirTech has committed to mutual support and appreciation for all its employees. We strive to foster a creative, entrepreneurial environment and we believe in the power of individual expression and focused teamwork to bring new technology and products to market.  In addition, we value our customers feedback and work closely with them to provide state-of-the-art and best-in-class products. Although Florida Cirtech has historical roots in the electronic industry, we strive for growth in new markets where we can add value.