What are PCB Laminates?

A printed circuit board provides a base for electronic components of an integrated circuit, through which electricity is conducted via copper coatings acting as wires. To ensure proper conduction, lamination in the form of a substrate is applied to the PCB. The lamination process involves melting layers of PCB core, copper, and prepreg in a press to ensure board uniformity during the heating and cooling process. The temperature and pressure when laminating the board depend on variables like thickness and materials. Prepreg, made of glass fiber, is the reinforcing material inside a copper-clad laminate. The variety of laminate used depends on the type and purpose of the circuit board and can affect the printed circuit board’s performance. Important PCB laminate characteristics to consider include size, appearance, dielectric constant (Dk), fire retardant, and loss factor to name a few. Laminates are assigned letters and numbers based on these characteristics.

pcb laminates

Why our PCB Laminates?

We are proud to handle national distribution and sales of laminates for ITEQ Corporation. We are known for providing premium grade PCB laminates with a commitment to pushing the limits of technology and staying ahead of industry trends. As technology continues to advance, high-performance electronics demand laminates with a wide range of mechanical and electrical capabilities. We offer high-performance copper-clad laminate materials for PCB production that can fit the needs of any application. From cost-effective options to ultra-high-speed options for high-end designs, we have what you need.

Our PCB Fab experience and Electronic Assembly partners allow us to deliver customer orders efficiently, all while maintaining strict quality standards. Florida CirTech offers a unique combination of high-performance laminates and PCB fabrication chemistry that enforces our mission of being a leading supplier for the PCB Fabrication industry. 

Your PCB Laminate Needs Applications

We can help you understand what type of laminate is most beneficial for the performance of your PCB. Copper clad laminates are best for high-voltage circuits, as they must meet specific requirements regarding chemical, electrical, physical, and environmental performance. PCB laminates have countless applications in the electronics manufacturing industries.

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Printed circuit boards in the automotive industry must withstand harsh environments while maintaining high reliability. Our high-performing, quality laminates can help you accomplish this competitive edge in the advancing world of electric vehicles. These vehicles tend to produce more heat, driving demand for PCB laminates that accomplish heat dissipation and larger current.

Attributes required: Lead free assembly reliability <0.8 mm pitch, CAF <0.35 mm pitch, voltage up to and beyond 500 volts, high temperature thermal cycling, low CTE products, heavy copper 6-12 oz