Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Coating

Leveraging their understanding of material behavior, Florida CirTech technologists recognized the need for a protective and durable, hydrophobic SMT stencil coating, especially as electronic device dimensions were becoming increasingly miniaturized and solder paste transfer efficiency more challenging. The result was the development of NanoSlic.

NanoSlic’s benefits, however, reach far outside of the confines of the electronics industry. Non-toxic and highly protective, NanoSlic features anti-corrosion properties and protects against water, oils, chemicals, abrasion and harmful UV rays. It’s protective and durable properties boost performance and extend product life. In addition to electronics, NanoSlic’s unique qualities are equally effective in coating domestic appliances, marine surfaces, automotive parts and so much more.

Benefits of NanoSlic?

NanoSlic is a revolutionary permanent Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating technology that can be applied to metal, glass, ceramic, polymer and other surfaces to impart a unique range of properties.

NanoSlic incorporates a revolutionary ceramic coating platform that provides outstanding protection unattainable with traditional coatings. The coating provides long lasting water and oil repellency making horizontal and vertical surfaces significantly easier to clean.

3 Layers of NanoSlic